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In the Studio 2009

«Without the past to hold on we have no future. Everything good, or in other words, every positive symbol we take from the past is our motor for the future.»

G.H.Hiwet, Zurich, 1986

«Like a composer using different instruments to let the music notes flow into a beautiful symphony, be it Ethiopian, African, classical or jazz, I use my brush to let my thoughts flow into colours and forms into a painting.» 

Paris, March 1992

«Each time I see your works even in reproduction I am amazed by its richness, deepness and by the incredible magic of your colours. It just makes me feel happy and confident about the place of the artists in the world and in the future of our society.»

(Nicole Guez, Afrique en Créations, Paris 1996; former assistant of the French Cultural Ministry)


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